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Christian Blogs and Sites Not Necessarily on my Blogroll*

Blue-Letter Bible – Technically, you don’t “read” this site, but it serves as an excellent reference.  If you want to look up the original Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic of a text, see cross-references, obtain the LXX translation of an OT passage, or look up commentary on a passage from a number of different commentators, you can do it all literally at the click of the mouse.  Useful when you need info now and don’t want to wait till you get home to thumb through five different reference works.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library – An online body of reference works maintained by Calvin College, they’d probably hit the self-destruct button on their servers if they knew I was accessing it.  Have a wide range of materials available, such as “Christian classics”, commentaries, and the complete body of the 38 volumes of the Ante-Nicene, Nicene, and Post-Nicene “Church Fathers.”  The last is especially useful when dealing with Catholics since it is amazing how decidedly un-Catholic most of the Ante-Nicene patristics really were. 

Christian Think Tank – Probably the premiere Christian apologetics website that I’ve seen out there, from a conservative Evangelical perspective.   Covers a LOT of topics, and gives a good treatment of the historical/cultural contexts in which many of the “hard” things in the Bible appear.  Remarkably faithful to the spirit of the  Biblical text for an Evangelical site, though still relies somewhat on the “textual corruption” arguments to explain supposed numerical or other discrepancies between OT books. 

Doorway Papers by Arthur Custance – Archive site for the writings of Arthur Custance, a Canadian Christian and scientist who went to be with the Lord in 1985.  A good deal of interesting material relating to the Bible and science.  Not entirely orthodox on his view of origins, however.  His book Noah’s Three Sons was instrumental in encouraging my interest in Biblical ethnography.

Lambert Dolphin’s Library The personal website of Lambert Dolphin, another scientist who knows the Lord (though for a bit longer than I have!)  Lots of good articles about a variety of subjects in the “Library” section, as well as a massive score of links in the “Links” section.  For some reason, he reminds me of an old research advisor I had as an undergraduate, though Dr. Dolphin isn’t him. 

RetroChristianity – The personal blog of Michael J. Svigel, an assistant professor at Dallas Theological Seminary.  Obviously an Evangelical (rather than a Fundamentalist) site, but still has a lot of good things to say about a lot of topics that are of interest in fundamental circles.  Ironically enough, I was first turned onto this site by a Muslim who pointed out that Dr. Svigel agrees with me about the dangers of gnosticising influences creeping into the teachings of many modern Christian trends (it’s a long story). 

Tektonics Apologetics Ministry – An Evangelical apologetics site which used to be better, but is now hitting the skids.  The older material dating from before, say, 2004 provides a lot of good foundational apologism on topics like the historicity of the Book of Daniel and the correlation of the Gospel accounts.  Unfortunately, the author is heretical on his eschatology (a preterist), and this has been coming to the fore in recent years, as has the fact that he seems to be transitioning his site over to being some sort of pay access site (you have to subscribe to the “Tekton E-block” to get access to his latest material bi-monthly).  Also, the links to his good older stuff have been removed from the front page – you can still search and find them, but the user-friendliness of the site has degraded severely in recent months. 

Political Sites*

The Claremont Institute – A conservative constitutionalist academic think-tank, with a large archive of good essays on a range of political topics.  Definitely has a Straussian bent to it.

First Principles – The online journal of the self-proclaimed home of American intellectual conservatism.  A lot of good reads here, even despite the Catholic undertone that seems to pervade the site. 

Free Republic – The best uber-conservative site on the internet, in my opinion.  This site serves as a clearinghouse for news articles, including many that the MSM would like to make disappear down the memory hole.  The associated discussions that can occur on threads about certain topics can also be highly entertaining.  I’ve hung out enough at Free Republic to probably qualify as a “denizen” by now.   Free Republic is also notable because it was a “FReeper” named Buckhead who first broke the Rathergate story back in the 2004 election, which lead to the complete destruction of the left-wing’s attempt to purvey their forged Texas Air National Guard memos into a campaign issue against President Bush.

The New English Review – Published once a month, contains a number of essays each issue loosely gathered around the topics of encroaching Islamism and Western dhimmitude.   Many of the authors are of a definite secularist bent, so expect the occasional lumping of all “religion” together as if it could be dealt with monolithically and superficially.  Nevertheless, there’s usually enough worthwhile content each month to keep me coming back.

Renew America – Conservative but non-partisan site loosely allied with Alan Keyes.  Features the latest news of interest to conservatives, as well as essays from a long list of conservative essayists.  Your’s truly has signed on just recently to write for them. 

Other Sites I Find Thought-Provoking and Intellectually Stimulating*

Atheism Analysed – An interesting blog ran by a guy named Stan who was an atheist for 40 years before coming to the Lord.  Critiques atheism, atheistic reasoning, and left-wing cultural arguments from the standpoint of logic and fact.  Does a good job of smacking down evolutionists from a philosophical perspective.  The author professes to be a believer, but chooses to use against them the tools that atheists claim to employ, so I’ve chosen to file this site under this header instead of the specifically Christian sites.

John Reilly’s Homepage – The homepage (with associated blog) of a gentleman up in New Jersey somewhere.  I’m primarily interested in his site for the abundance of book reviews and associated thoughts on issues relating to history and alternative history.  The Catholic stuff I just sort of work around since it’s of no interest to me.  Unfortunately, he passed away last year, and his site is now only available through internet archiving.

Albion’s Seedlings – A great blog I discovered recently with a lot of material of interest on matters of contemporary geopolitics, history, and the language and culture of the Anglosphere.  Many, many book reviews that ought to help keep my reading list stocked up for a long, long time.

Chicago Boyz – Another neat blog I discovered via Albion’s Seedlings (above).  This one approaches international politics and economics from an intellectual conservative viewpoint.

Sites That a Lot of Folks Would Disapprove*

One Cosmos – This blog….has its moments.  Written by a psychologist who believes himself to be an orthodox Christian, but seems more like a gnostic.  Half of what he says is good stuff that shoots down materialists, atheists, and evolutionists.  The other half is pseudosophical mumbo-jumbo.  It’s up to you to decide which is which.

Steve Sailor’s V-Dare Articles – An archives page of Steve Sailor’s articles residing on the main VDare server.  Sailor is considered racist by many on the Left because he writes about things like IQ and race, differences in abilities between different groups of people, etc.  The fact that he’s a strong proponent for reducing illegal immigration also makes him a target for the Left.  Regardless, he’s not racist, as an actual reading of his material shows, he’s just politically incorrect.  Sailor is also an evolutionist, but one gets the distinct impression that evolutionism is unnecessary to explain the things he writes about.

* – Please note that I do not necessarily endorse everything that may appear on any of these sites.


  1. I do not “believe myself to be a gnostic,” but an orthodox Christian. As for the “pseudosophical mumbo-jumbo,” it would help of you could provide an example. I’d be more than happy to explain.

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