Welcome to my blog.  I am Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus (not my real name), a born-again Christian, a member of and serving in a local New Testament Baptist church in North Carolina, where I learn more about God’s Word. 

By day, I am an analytical chemist working for a small contract analytical company.  By night, I divide my time between my wife and son, my church, and my personal writing pursuits.  I research and write essays on a number of different subjects relating to religion and politics.  I also maintain an apologetics website called Study to Answer which I’ve unfortunately allowed to go moribund for the last several years.   I have written an on-line book about Islam entitled Ten Myths About Islam, which I’m hoping to see published some day, and was formerly the editor of a bi-weekly conservative political newsletter called Conservative Underground that I simply didn’t have the time to keep up with.

My interests include Biblical theology, reading, several specialised areas of history (classical, medieval European, ancient Near Eastern, military, religious, Victorian), politics and political philosophy, Islam studies, languages, firearms, anthropology, and hockey.


  1. Thank you for your study on Colossians 1:17. It was very helpful. Is there a way to take the titles you assign and relate them to a Bible verse? I am trying to sort out Genesis 6:4 and Numbers 13:32, 33. I think I may have it but I have no resource to check it against.

    Thank you, again
    Jack Ragan

  2. This morning, your Free Republic post, “Having the Glory of God,” caught my eye. I can usually tell, within a few words or a few paragraphs, whether a “religious” post has Biblical merit or not. Going to your main thesis, I found it wholly satisfactory throughout — and that is for me a very rare thing in the FR forum! So I opened up the “Meditate In Thy Precepts” site to see more, and got to your declaration on desiring to come under the authority of your local church and its pastor. And guess what? That would be Calvary Baptist (Carrboro) and Dr. Gary Webb, one of my most favorite preachers and evangelists. As a bonus, chasing down the church web site, I found a reference to Kent Brandenburg’s “What is Truth” site (both new to me), also quite satisfying and profitable! So thanks today for your labors in The Word that seemed to shine out from the run-of-the-mill FR posts. Wish I could meet you —

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